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Image by Katie Rainbow 🏳️‍🌈

Meet the artist


i'm Sarah Beagan.


         Having spent my childhood traveling between Daytona Beach, Florida, and Guadalajara, Mexico, I was exposed to many different walks of life, and with them came many flavors. The late-night snacks of Mexican hot chocolate and summertime cravings for key lime pie helped cement a permanent place for dessert within my heart. As an adult, I decided to combine another passion of mine, the visual arts, with my pastime of baking, and thus grew a career in cake decorating that is twelve years strong and counting.

         I am completely self-taught and have years of experience working as a cake decorator in both large and small-scale commercial operations. In 2011, I was working my way through college in a grocery store bakery, bagging and tagging loaves of bread, until one day our only cake decorator quit without notice and I found my manager hesitantly asking me, "...Hey, you're good at art, right?" Despite getting thrown into the deep end of the pool, I was able to use my knowledge of color, composition, and sculpture to keep myself afloat and create ever-improving works of edible art. Over the years, I have also worked as a writer, jeweler, and even middle school Language Arts and Spanish teacher. I got married to my biggest supporter, we adopted the two best dogs in the universe, and were lucky enough to buy our beach bungalow in Ormond Beach in the middle of a pandemic. Through it all, I've never stopped baking, and in 2017, I decided to finally give my business an official name, something a little tongue-in-cheek that still captured my aesthetic and sense of humor, and so Death By Dessert Studio was born.


        While the desserts themselves may be temporary, getting to play a small, beautiful part in a person's special day is a feeling that never gets old. From classic to completely custom, my cakes and desserts are made with the best flavor of all: love!

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