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Shop policies

Please take a few minutes to review the terms and conditions below before placing an order. You can also check out the FAQ page for more helpful information!  


Death By Dessert Studio is not a storefront bakery... yet! The following hours of operation apply to pick-up orders. Pick-up or delivery outside of normal hours may be arranged in advance.  

Mon                  Closed

       Tues                  Closed       

       Wed                9am - 5pm   

   Thurs                9am - 5pm

      Fri                   9am - 5pm 

     Sat                  9am - 5pm

     Sun                11am - 5pm

cake orders & Designs:

It is best to place a cake order 4-6 weeks before your event in order to secure your desired date and ensure there is time to order any necessary supplies such as toppers, florals, etc. Please note that no date will be secured until payment has been made. Cake orders placed less than 5 days from the event date will be considered a "Rush Order" and may incur an additional 20% fee.* My cakes are always baked fresh and any excess is used for practicing new techniques and social media content creation. As a result, I am unable to complete orders with less than 24 hours notice.


Inspiration photos are welcome, but my cake designs are 100% custom. I will consult with you to recreate the spirit of the requested design without directly duplicating another artist's work. If you require an exact color match, it is your responsibility to provide a physical color swatch, as computer screen resolutions may differ. 

Design changes are accepted up to 14 days prior to the scheduled event date. Any changes made after this deadline cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to additional charges.

*Orders placed less than 5 days in advance will be considered a "Rush Order" and will incur an additional 20% fee IF:

      1) it is an off-menu, specialty cake flavor/filling/icing;

      2) it is a fondant or ganache cake;

      3) it is a sculpted cake;

      4) there are handmade fondant/chocolate decorations; or

      5) it requires a cake topper, decorations, or specialty flowers to be ordered.

Death By Dessert Studio has cake orders every week with a strict schedule of days spent baking, creating decorations, icing, etc. The rush fee reflects the extra effort and costs that go into creating and sourcing elaborate decorations with only a few days' notice.


There will be NO rush fee for cakes that are 100% buttercream with none of the elements stated above.

Cake tastings & Consultations:

Cake tasting boxes are currently only available to-go. Tasting boxes are $35, including delivery up to 25 miles from Ormond Beach, FL (can deliver farther distances for an additional fee). The tasting box includes five slices of your desired cake flavors from my menu. Also included is a 1 hour virtual consultation (e-mail, Zoom, phone), and a custom sketch of your design. 

Payment is required at time of booking. Cake tastings that are cancelled less than 48hrs in advance will not be refunded. 

Deposits & Payments:

     Orders greater than $500 will require a 50% deposit and a signed contract in order to secure the date. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable.  

     All orders must be paid in full by the date indicated on the invoice. Any changes made after the invoice has been sent may be subject to additional charges. Orders not paid in full at least 5 days before the event date will be considered cancelled and will not be fulfilled. 

     All payment will be taken via invoice only (credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Venmo).

Pick-Up & Delivery:

If you or your representative choose to pick up and set up your order, you assume all liability and responsibility for its condition once it has left the studio. Death By Dessert Studio is not liable for any damages due to negligence or improper handling (including collapse, melting, pokes, etc.) once the order has been picked up or delivered. The customer is responsible for providing a suitable environment for the order (away from heaters, vibrations, people, etc.). Cakes are heavy and require a sturdy table and optimal room temperature of 70 degrees or below. Cakes containing dairy fillings should be refrigerated and taken out no more than 1 hour before serving. You will receive care instructions with your order.


The pick-up location will be in the city of Ormond Beach, FL. The precise address will be provided once the order is booked. Please be considerate of your scheduled pick-up time. If you are running late, please communicate with me ASAP, as the timing may interfere with pick-up or delivery of other orders. 


Delivery is $40 per hour, with a minimum fee of $20 (30 minutes). Due to the risks involved in transporting fragile items, cakes larger than 2 tiers are considered "Delivery Only" and cannot be picked up. 

cancellations & postponements:

All deposits and final payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

I understand that life happens and certain situations are beyond our control. It is the customer's responsibility to notify Death By Dessert Studio of any date changes or your intent to cancel your order. In exceptional cases where extenuating circumstances are present (determined by owner), a credit may be issued for postponements communicated more than 5 days prior to the event date. No refunds or credits will be issued for cancellations. 

In the event of an emergency where Death By Dessert Studio is not able to complete your order, a full refund will be issued. 

Allergy & safety disclaimer:

Please be advised that products may contain or have come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, soy, milk, eggs, wheat, shellfish, or fish.

All metallic sprinkles, acrylic/paper toppers, and real or sugar paste flowers are decorative items and are not meant to be consumed (inedible). Metallic drips and edible gold leaf are non-toxic decor.

Death By Dessert Studio is not responsible for allergic reactions, any medical conditions, or harm resulting from the ingestion of inedible or non-toxic decor pieces. Inedible or non-toxic decorations will be outlined on the invoice and relayed to the customer again upon delivery or at pick-up. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to advise their recipient that certain elements are inedible/non-toxic. 


SAFETY WARNING: Any cake that is 2+ tiers or carved into a custom shape will be supported with wooden or plastic dowels. Additional decorations may also be held in place with wooden skewers. These cakes are NOT meant to be smashed in others' faces unless specifically requested. 

Privacy policy

Death By Dessert Studio routinely photographs orders and expressly reserves the right to use such photographs for advertising purposes. I will not disclose the identity of clients (photographs of people, last names, event details, contract details) without permission.

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